Board Of Directors

The British Handball Board Of Directors

The British Handball Association Board of Directors comprises a mixture of member (EHA and SHA) and external appointments.

Following a recent restructuring of the Board, it will count four EHA and SHA members, together with three skills-based Independent Directors (one new Director to be announced shortly) and the independent Chair of the Board. The Board meets four times a year.

Board members

Stephen Neilson
Independent Director
Chair of the BHA Board

Colleen Walker
Independent Director
Finance & Corporate Governance

Conor Marlin
Independent Director

Stuart Larman
Independent Director
Marketing & Commercial

Beverley Francis
SHA Chair
SHA Representative

Ewan Hunter
SHA Director
SHA representative

Mike Bain
EHA representative

Neil Strowger
EHA Chair
EHA Representative

Page last updated February 26th, 2023