Performance Group

British Handball Association Performance Group

The role of the Performance Group is to provide the strategy and high level guidance for the GB National Team programmes, support the National Team coaches and managers with regard to the running of the GB senior and age group national teams and develop and oversee the BHA high level coach development programme.

It’s scope covers all the GB national teams, at senior and age group level, as well as the elite coaching programme in the UK (above level 2).

Performance Group Members

There are four voting members of the BHA Performance Group, one representative each from EHA and SHA, and two independent members. In addition all GB national team coaches are non-voting members of the BHA Performance Group, together with one representative from the British Olympic Association.

The Group is chaired by Conor Marlin, Independent Board Director (Performance).

Voting Members

Conor Marlin
Independent Director (Performance)
Chair of Performance Group

Stephen Neilson
BHA Chair of the Board

Ricardo Vasconcelos
EHA National Performance Manager
England Handball Association representative

Allan Stokes
SHA Regional Development Officer
Scottish Handball Association representative

Non-voting Members

Joanna Cook - Performance Coordinator

TBC - GB Senior Women’s Coach

Ricardo Vasconcelos - GB Senior Men's Coach

Bill Baillie - GB Under-19 Women's Coach

Zoran Lukac - GB Under-20 Men's Coach

Matt Durber - GB Under-17 Women's Coach

John Pearce – GB Under-18 Men's Coach

Kevin Matthews - Supervisor GB Team Managers

Athlete Representative Group

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