EHF Euro 2026 Promotion Round - GB Senior Men

Post published July 27, 2023

The GB senior men have entered the Promotion Round of the EHF Euro 2026 having been victorious in January 2023 winning the EHF Euro 2026 Qualification Phase 1 in Baku, AZE. The draw has been announced (competing teams in this promotion round are GB, Belarus, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Latvia, Cyprus), with GB playing a double header home and away against Kosovo.

The first leg will be played Wednesday-Thursday 10th-11th January 2024

The second leg will be played Saturday-Sunday, 13-14th January 2024

The winners of the play-off matches will qualify for the Men’s EHF EURO 2026 Qualifiers starting with round 1 in November 2024 and finalising with round 6 in May 2025.

Head GB senior coach, Ricardo Vasconcelos says; "It's amazing to be involved in this historic moment, and be part of the Promotion Round for the first time ever. It shows how much the sport has developed due to the hard work and dedication of players, families, clubs, as well as BHA members. This alone is already an incredible achievement. The draw dictated that we will play against Kosovo. They are a strong team that will - I'm sure - be the challenge we need to grow further. Being able to host is brilliant, and myself and the boys are extremely happy and thankful to the BHA for taking that step."