GB ready for IHF Trophy

Post published October 6, 2022 (Updated October 12, 2022)

The GB under-18 and under-20 men's teams will be in action at the IHF Trophy in Kosovo from 11-15th October 2022.

Kosovo previously hosted this competition in 2018, when the GB M18s reached the final, losing 36-31 to the hosts, while the GB M20s finished 4th.

The GB M18 are together with Albania, Bulgaria, Georgia and Kosovo, while the GB M20s will face Andorra, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Malta. They will be playing at the Palace of Youth and Sport, In Pristina.

Both teams have announced their squads for the IHF Trophy.

GB M18 squad

Nathan McDonald, Ikast, GK

Aiden McGregor, Poole Phoenix, GK

Noah Sanyal, Poole Phoenix, LW/LB

James Fance, Guildford Sabres, LW/LB

Dominic Mines, Somerset Spartans, LB

Thomas Plumbridge, Nottingham, LB

Josh Leavy, Somerset Spartans, LP

Marley Bowen, Kelvinside, LP

Miles Anderson, Poole Phoenix, LB/LP

Alejandro Russell-Cavaller, Poole Phoenix, PM

Myles Gannon, Nottingham, PM

Jay Ross, Poole Phoenix, RW

Huey Mollon, Warrington Wolves, RW

Joe Luka Mahoney, West London Eagles, RB/RW


John Pearce - Head Coach

Alexander Themis - Assistant Coach

Fiona Kennedy - Team Manager

Tia Wood - Physio

The match schedule for the GB M18

11/10/22 - GB v Albania (16.00 local time)

13/10/22 - GB v Georgia (12.00 local time)

14/10/22 - GB v Kosovo (14.00 local time)

15/10/22 - GB v Bulgaria (12.00 local time)

GB M20 squad

James Anderson, AGF HC, GK

Jake Howard, Brighton HC, GK

Ryan Kealy, EK 82 HC, PM

Remy Howes, Aiden Savile, RB

Frazer Muir, Man Hawkes, RW

Fraser Moran, Nottingham HC, RW

Louis Christy, H71 HC, LW

Reuben Wardle, Skjern Talent Akademi and Raekker Molle HC, PM

Tiago Babb, Povoa HC, LB

Joseph Nelson, Skjern Talent Akademi and Raekker Molle HC, LW

William Carter, Elverum HC, LP

Joseph Trent, Skjern Talent Akademi and Raekker Molle HC, LP

Jamie Galley, Ikast HC, LP

Euan Johnson, Magdeburg HC, LB


Zoran Lukacs - Head Coach

Daniel Ramos - Assistant Coach

Kevin Matthews - Team Manager

Krzystof Szulc - Physio

The match schedule for the GB M20

11/10/22 - GB v Bulgaria (12.00 local time)

12/10/22 - GB v Kosovo (18.00 local time)

13/10/22 - GB v Malta (16.00 local time)

15/10/22 - GB v Andorra (14.00 local time)

Quote from M18 coach John Pearce:

"I am excited to see how the newly formed squad will perform in Kosovo. We have the perfect mix of seasoned players who have travelled with GB on several occasions and new talent who are keen to show what they can offer and are looking to make the move into the GB squad."

Quote from M20 coach Zoran Lucacs:

"We are very excited for the upcoming tournament and to have another great experience as a group. After the great time that we had in Bulgaria and all the hard work that boys did, we are ready for another step forward and more improvement. Unfortunately we are not able to get together before the tournament, but we are doing everything we can to overcome that obstacle and without any excuses get ourselves ready to have a great tournament. This will be completely different experience for all of us and I can't wait to see what we can achieve"