Women U19 head to Serbia

Post published August 21, 2022 (Updated August 22, 2022)

The W19's are heading to the Smederevo Cup in Serbia for a final competition of this season. The squad is made up of a mix of outgoing athletes, finishing their time as an U19 athletes, along with those that are regulars within this age category, and some of the new squad that have moved up from the U17's national team. They will have a competitive competition playing teams from Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Estonia, France and Italy.

Squad List

Rebecca Tichford (GK) - Shropshire

Amelie Hambridge (GK) - Poole Phoenix

Hannah Saunders (LB) - Ikast

Alice Cappell (LB) - Stroud

Katherine Kesselring (LB) - LK Zug Handball

Tabitha Sherratt (LW) - Loughborough

Lucy Thornewell (LW) - Ikast

Heidi Warren (PV) - Loughborough

Floran Steeples (RB) - Loughborough

Ella Oldland (RB) - Hai, DK

Mel Edwards (RW) - Poole Phoenix

Beth Davies (LB) - Poole Phoenix

Alice Abis (RW) - Stroud

Holly Luke (RW) - Hai, DK

Tosca Knight (PM) - Stroud

Head Coach Bill Baillie says "Taking part in the tournament in Serbia is not only vital for the teams development; giving them the opportunity to play against teams who have a long tradition in handball, but it is also a visual platform for other countries to see how talented our GB girls team are becoming and how keen British Handball are to be part of this great sport. This is a transition for the squad, with the last outing for the born 03 women, and the exciting new journey for the 04/05 players."